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Code.org’s Incredible Year One!

Here’s a brief but action-packed summary of Code.org’s first year, starting in earnest in June:

The amazing impact of the Hour of Code
The Hour of Code participants is larger in population than Syria, Belgium, the Netherlands, or 75% of all the world’s nations.

35,000 participating teachers LOVED the Hour of Code. 97% said it was “good” or great,” and asked us to do it again next year. 


Check out more unprecedented stats on what we achieved.

Where did we channel this momentum?
One month after launch, already 10,000 teachers have begun teaching our 20-hour intro course for grades K-8, with 500,000 students enrolled. (To compare: I estimate 13,000 US teachers were previously teaching CS to fewer than 250,000 students)

Looking to 2014: can we grow 5 - 10 times?
In 2013, with a full-time staff of 14, we got 20mm students to try one Hour of Code, put online courses into 10,000 classrooms, and partnered with 100+ high schools to support full computer science curriculum.

In 2014, I’ve challenged us to reach 100 million students for an Hour of Code, 100,000 teachers to host an online course, and 100 districts to bring permanent computer science courses to 1,000 high schools.

To operate at the scale of our ambition, we want your help.

How you can keep supporting Code.org:

Thank you all for your support, and Happy New Year!

- Hadi Partovi, Code.org

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