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Seeing our impact: A record year for computer science

The College Board just released preliminary data on the number and demographics of students who took the Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Exam in 2014.

The original Code.org launch video was timed to coincide with student course enrollment for the 2013-14 school year. At that time, I decided my measure of success for the video would be the next year’s enrollment in computer science. I even made a personal bet (reflected in my contractual commitment to Code.org donors) that our video could help improve the seemingly immovable diversity numbers in computer science (which had trended in the wrong direction for years).

Last year, AP Computer Science had its largest year of growth, and was the fastest-growing AP course in 2014.


Note: this is early, preliminary data, and may be revised by the College Board between now and the end of 2014.

The results speak for themselves. Trevor Packer, Senior Vice President of the College Board AP Program, calls this "the first real indication of progress in AP CS enrollment for women and underserved minorities in years."


Because these underserved groups enrolled at a higher rate of growth than the average, their ratio relative to asian/white males also grew. Since last year, the ratio of females in AP Computer Science to males grew 8 percent (from 18% to 20%). The ratio of African American students to grew 8 percent (from 3.7% to 4%). The ratio of Hispanic students grew 10 percent (from 8% to 9%).

This exciting progress continues to be a group effort. We’re humbled to work alongside longtime-educators, district administrators, advocates and parents to see unprecedented synergy in support of computer science education the last year.

We hope we played a role. And we urge computer science teachers to continue using this video as a recruitment tool for their courses.

- Hadi Partovi, Code.org