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Computer science has the leading education bill in Congress

imageJust as Congress goes on summer break, the Computer Science Education Act (HR 2536) won its 100th supporter! With over 100 cosponsors and an even mix of Democrats and Republicans, this bill is now the most broadly cosponsored education bill in the House. Even in a polarized Congress, computer science education has momentum and bipartisan backing.

Introduced by Representatives Susan Brooks (R-IN) and Jared Polis (D-CO), the Computer Science Education Act removes barriers that make it harder for states to use Federal funding for computer science education. Simply put, the bill clarifies that federal programs can fund computer science programs and can support local educators who want to put computer science in our schools. The bill is cost-neutral and doesn’t introduce new programs or mandates.

We’re very thankful for the leadership of Representatives Brooks and Polis and their unwavering support of computer science. And for the efforts of the Computing in the Core coalition of companies and nonprofits that have supported this legislation.

At Code.org, our goal is to leverage this momentum and tell Congress to pass House and Senate versions of this legislation when they return to session September. While we’re celebrating this milestone, we still need more supporters in Congress, so please tell your Members of Congress to join the movement building around computer science education.

Cameron Wilson
COO and head of Government Affairs, Code.org